Part sound walk, historical art lecture and installation exploring the birth and death of romanticism, The Subject is a live artwork that uses fire, lights, sound and performance to depict a sublime vision of a dystopian future. Do not leave your car until advised. The paths are dark, the fires burn and the apocalypse waits you. Presented by These Are the Projects We Do Together in collaboration with curator and artist Arie Rain Glorie, at the Quarry. The 86000 sqm quarry is still currently under license and going through rehabilitation.

Sound design by Samaan Fieck

Fri. 10 August 2018

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm AEST

1505 Old Beech Forest Rd

Beech Forest, VIC 3237

Red Wine and Sugar - Dogs, Blood, Storms, Spiders

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Experimental film is best understood as the search for a model of the cinema. But what is cinema a model for, and what is it modelled on? Cinema is both a specific thing and also a generalised description of the world. It is a scientific instrument, an atlas indistinguishable from the globe, a monument to vision, an eye, the industrial conventions of the movie-world. In the camera, the model is the ether. Lucretius spoke of film before the common era. Film cannot be dead, it never lived. It is populated by zombies and docile bodies. Technology is the afterlife. 

Specimen is an exhibition by the Artist Film Workshop. Participating artists include: Hanna Chetwin, Tim Coster, Samaan Fieck, John Flaus, Nina Gilbert, Aurelia Guo, Lucas Haynes, Olivia Koh, Lucy Kostos, Zi-Yun Lam, Travis MacDonald, Madeleine Martiniello, Sabina Maselli, Emma Phillips, Callum Ross-Thomson, Richard Tuohy. 
Curated by Giles Fielke.